Potluck yams

June 8, 2009

With 6 people in the house a potluck can be a more like a series of bottlenecks.  I made sweet potatoes because they just sit in the oven and don’t get in anyone’s way.  I learned from Alton Brown on his Food Network show “Good Eats” that a good brine/marinade has got to have acid and salt.  Well, sweet potatoes are a little different than a pork tenderloin, but his rule worked great anyway.

First I made a little lube.  I always start with herbs

  • Fresh rosmary
  • a lot of garlic
  • some crushed red pepper
  • kosher salt
  • pepper

Then I added some stone ground mustard, juice of a lemon (acid), olive oil, and red wine vinegar (acid). Now thats what I call a marinade.

I chopped up two sweet potatoes in disks and then in fourths, an apple, and an onion.  I thew in the lemon from juicing for good measure. Mixed to coat, transfered to baking pan and sprinkled with cinnamon.

The apples made everything just a little tart and the crushed red complemented the sweetness of the yams. Yum.


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