Mustard Greens and Garlic Scapes

July 1, 2009

Another CSA distribution today: baby bok choy, mustard greens, lettuce, baby salad, cousa squash and zucchini, and cilantro.  All great stuff, but we hadn’t even finished our veggies from the previous distribution.  Well, we only had garlic scapes left.  Not only are they the funnest looking vegetable around, they are deliciously sweet and tangy.  First we used some in a recipe that came in our World PEAS Newsletter (which is called “The Pod”). It turned out great, and although I don’t think it right to publish the recipe, as you can see it is a frittata with a bunch of eggs, spinach, and garlic scapes.
We used the rest of the scapes for mashed potatoes, with a recipe I can certainly share.  Use three small-medium potatoes, reds are my personal favorite.  Once boiled add them to a bunch of chopped garlic scapes (or green onions and garlic chives), about a quarter cup shredded cheese, quarter cooked onion, clove of garlic, spices, s&p.  For an extra kick we chopped up some mustard greens pretty fine like basil.  The greens are spicy and pungent with a horseradish quality that didn’t prevent my roommates from chomping on the leaves solo.  I don’t use any butter or sour cream, but sometimes I add a little milk for consistency issues. Mash and munch!


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