Eat Locally Grown Food

July 3, 2009

There are many benefits of eating local.  First it is great for the farmer.  The middlemen in the process from farm to grocery store can make more money than the farmers themselves.  Plus, you can feel great about paying a fair price to whom the pay is due. Eating local food is a way to celebrate where you live and also to preserve its environment.  Especially in Massachusetts, farmers are dedicated to sustainable agriculture.  Many farms are enrolled in conservation programs that focus on reestablishing wetlands, maintaining forests, and monitoring streams and water supplies (check out Massachusetts Agriculture Preservation Restriction Program).  Buying from local farms also supports polyculture, meaning agricultural land used for a wide variety of plants and animals and not just one like in industrial agriculture.  This preserves biological diversity.
You can even eat local when you eat out.  Check out these restaurants in the Boston area that buy their produce from local farms.

Visit farm stands and farmer’s markets when you can and go local in your kitchen too.


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