The Earth Machine

July 23, 2009

The Earth Machine
My roommate and I just invested in a composting receptacle, apparently the best selling one around.  We purchased it for $40 from the City of Somerville and are really excited to get started.  Composting is the natural decomposition of plant material (kitchen and yard scraps) by microorganisms.  Compost looks similar to soil, but is rich in nutrients.  It is great for use in gardens, and on lawns or bushes/trees.  Composting is good for the environment because it effectively reduces the amount of garbage produced by a household.  Plus the environmental benefit of allowing organic matter to reenter the earth.  Remember the circle of life?  Stop shipping off your garbage and use it to grow food! Check out The Earth Machine’s website for details.

While I was assemblying my compost bin my neighbor came by to check out what I was up to.  He helped me pick a good spot in my yard for the bin.  This may be stretching it, but I think this is just the beginning of how being a friend to the earth can bring you closer to people.


One Response to “The Earth Machine”

  1. Alex said

    Really great stuff. Do you think there are smaller receptacles available, ones that would be better for city living? I want to put one on my small porch. Also, can you do this in the winter?

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