Land’s Sake Organic

August 14, 2009

Land's Sake farm stand
Land’s Sake Organic in Weston, MA has a mission to connect people to the land.  They do this through various educational programs for kids such as their Green Power initiative.  Green Power focuses on teaching children the importance of sustainability, the value of agriculture and the beauty of their natural surroundings.  Students from 6th-9th grade engage in many projects depending on the season.  Most seasons include planting their own garden at Land’s Sake.  The food they raise goes to local food banks and the kids are paid for their work.  This teaches them that farming is profitable and meaningful profession. “Kids need fresh air, dirt under their fingernails and that good exhausted feeling which comes from growing and harvesting bushels of fresh veggies.” This program among other educational ventures work to connect people, principally children, to their local economy and soil.

Aside from farming and educational programs Land’s Sake is responsible for forest conservation in Weston and privately contracted environmentally conscious landscaping. They sell their produce at an on-site farm stand and through Pick Your Own crops.  They also have a CSA and sell at the Somerville Farmer’s Market in Davis Square (Wednesdays 12-6).  Donating over 20,000 pounds of organic food a year, they are on the look out for volunteers.  Check out their website for information, events, recipes, blog and more.

“Land’s Sake combines ecologically-sound land management practices with hands-on environmental education to model how public open space can be used and enjoyed by the community.”


2 Responses to “Land’s Sake Organic”

  1. president soup said

    land’s sake is awesome! try their blue potatoes!

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