Uuuh YUM!

August 19, 2009

I just had the greatest idea.  I am visiting my house for the last time and enjoying local produce. My parents are having an open house on Sunday and I shall make a finger food! I thought Party Corn would be appropriate (I live in Davenport, IA), but I’ll save the tooth picks. hmmm…perhaps a Julia recipe.

My menu from tonight:
Colorful Colorado Broccoli from Colorado Collage by Erin McCluskey
Local broccoli and tomatoes; jicama and parmesan.

Roasted portabello mushrooms in balsamic vinagrette with rosemary grown by me.

Twice baked pesto potato stuffed green pepper by me.
Pesto: local garlic, very local basil, capers.
Local potatoes, very local chives, a goat mild cheddar from wisonsin in a local green pepper topped with more chives and hot pepper (local too).

Uuuh YUM!


2 Responses to “Uuuh YUM!”

  1. Alex said

    you phrase stealer you.

    and sounds great!

  2. Gala Dijon said

    Thanks for the shout out. It was absolutely delicious.

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