Fried Plantains

August 27, 2009


My local food scene has changed quite a bit since I last posted.  Instead of potatoes, bok choy, and beets there are mangoes, pineapples, papayas, and lots of rice and beans.  I am excited to immerse myself in the cuisine of Costa Rica and enjoy the tropical fruits with no guilt.

The traditional dinner meal of Costa Ricans is casado: rice and beans served side by side with some meat (except for me) and usually some type of salad.  We went to an authentic restaurant and everyone had some variation of casado.  Mine came with rice and beans (mixed) of course and a square of fried cheese that can only be described as squeeky.  Very salty, sharp and white, it tasted like milk gone a little bad and fried in butter.  However, absolutely delicious with rice and beans. Next to that was some mixed vegetables, one of which was new to me: chayote.  It is in the gourd family, but is apparently lumpy and peculiarly only has one seed.  The taste was vaguely limey and a marriage of broccoli and cucumber. Plus fried plantains!

Breakfast was served at a great a hotel in San Jose and was partly rice and beans (mixed this time) with some eggs and mucha fruta! I can not get enough of that pineapple.  There is a great kitchen staff at this field station (Las Cruces) so many more treats to share very soon.


2 Responses to “Fried Plantains”

  1. Alex said

    That looks fantastic Sig! Is the meat local? Would you consider eating it if you visited the farm, saw how the animals were treated, slaughtered, processed, etc.?

    I’m intrigued…can’t wait to read your next post!

  2. Aubergine said

    I’m not sure about the meat. I know that a lot of the vegetables are local, as I saw them in the bed of an OTS truck on its way to the kitchen. I asked one of my professors about the chicken industry, and he said it really depends. I would definitely consider eating it if I visited the farm, but we only get to visit vegetable farms and a dairy.

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