Slow Food Works for Kids Too

August 28, 2009

Slow Food USA is organizing a National Day of Action on September 7th.  They have already organized 281 Eat-Ins on labor day: potlucks across the nation to try and send a message to lawmakers that the people are very concerned about the food system, demand reform (especially in school lunches), and have the power and organization to unite and enact change.  Sign up to attend or host an event at Time for Lunch.  Help change the Child Nutrition Act in order to increase budgets for school lunches and to improve the quality of food served at schools.  Spending more money on lunches and embracing ideas like Michelle Obama’s can help change the way we eat and the way the next generation thinks about food.


2 Responses to “Slow Food Works for Kids Too”

  1. Judy Shawver said

    This is great and needed. How about hospitals. It is a disgrace what they feed patients, visitors and employees.

    • Aubergine said

      Good point. It is ironic how hospitals try to cure illnesses caused in part by the food system and then feed their patients the very food generated by it. It is also a joke that doctors are faster to prescribe medications with many side effects instead of suggesting simple diet changes such as eating fewer processed foods or meat. This is the American system of separating the cause of the problem from the solution, and it only makes our problems worse.

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