Window Farms

October 10, 2009

Urban farming is a necessary, but difficult field. I say necessary because we must begin to produce food in the region where it is eaten.  Local food is better for freshness, for the health of the land and the eater, for your carbon foot print, and for your tastebuds.  However, it is understandable and simply a reality that not everyone can have an acre, not everyone wants to leave the city.  It is a misconception that you can’t grow food in the city.  Urban farming practices and thriftiness are growing ( and The Window Farmers are playing their part.  Find on their website a how to guide and support to help you build your very own window farm made from cheap and recycled materials.  These are high yield systems to help you have a more self sustainable, urban life. blog post about the Window Farmers
One Earth article

Check out their new participatory web guide and start your own window farm today!


2 Responses to “Window Farms”

  1. Alex said

    wow! can’t wait to do this when i move–thanks Sig!

  2. Carolyn said

    Wow, this is pretty creative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing (and great to see you over at the Brighter Planet Sustainable Cooking Contest!)

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