Pura Vida Taco

October 20, 2009

Costa Rica is an unbelievable adventure.  I have seen howler monkeys, 100s of frogs, a couple snakes, a sloth, been whitewater rafting and enjoyed the beach.  Likewise I have discovered new and delicious fruits and vegetables like chayote, naranjilla and cas.  However, I had begun to tire of rice and beans and so when it came time to order lunch after a canopy tour (zip lining!) I chose a taco instead of comida tipica (casado: rice and beans, usually some meat and a salad…plantains if you are lucky).

Needless to say, the canopy tour was mind blowing and complete with a Tarzan swing (Expediciones Tropicales)!  The taco was beyond words. It came open faced on a toasted corn tortilla. 100% vegetarian, the tortilla was smeared with refried black beans, striped with cheese, onions, tomatoes, soy and lettuce and drizzled with guacamole and sour cream.  BAM!  The waitress said the only way to eat it was to pick it up like a sandwich. I did just that and never put it back down.  It was undoubtedly the best taco of my life.  Pura vida!

Pura vida: the most common phrase in Costa Rica.  They use it for everything good. “How are you?” “Pura vida!”

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One Response to “Pura Vida Taco”

  1. Alex said

    seriously, that look soo yummy. you look great, and I miss you tons!

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