Eat the View

October 24, 2009


Eat the View is a great campaign dedicated to planting high-impact food gardens in high-profile places.  It stemmed from the non profit Kitchen Gardens International which works to convince people to grow some of their own food.  I won’t go into detail about the campaign because this slide show tells the story of it’s unbelievable success: a White House garden.  I cannot believe that I totally missed the campaign, but in any case here is a thank you to the great work of  Roger Doiron.   The success of Eat the View is incredibly symbolic: our government is actually responding to the concerns of the people and leading by example on one of the most important issues out there.  Read about Doiron and other leaders in climate change action and cast your vote for the ultimate game changer in green in this article from Huffington Post.

Other posts about White House food policy: A Farmers Market at the White House, Focus on Kids


One Response to “Eat the View”

  1. Alex said

    Thanks for posting this! It’s really great to get the word out about good stuff our government is doing!

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