BIG RIVER: A King Corn Companion

October 29, 2009


The King Corn boys (Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis) are back with this short documentary: Big River, A King Corn companion(trailer). They travel back to the acre of corn they planted in Iowa during the previous film, but instead of following the corn into a HFCS lab or to the corn palace as before, they follow it downstream where water creatures and people are impacted by the contamination from farming. Host a screening of the movie throughout next month and ask the boys to stop by. The Big River Harvest tour is traveling around the country to get the film out there and people talking about it. They say  “Together, we can raise awareness of the environmental and human-health challenges posed by chemical-intensive agriculture, and can encourage a vibrant public discussion about the future of the way we eat.” Word.


2 Responses to “BIG RIVER: A King Corn Companion”

  1. Jackie said

    Yo Sig, do you know how people can get in contact with these guys? I bet that one of the environmental groups at Northwestern would love to hold a screening…

    • Aubergine said

      Sure thing. Here is a link to the website with an application to take part in their Big River Harvest Tour. You can find contact information for the guys in the app. Good luck! Let me know if it works out for your classmates back home.

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