Take my quiz!

December 3, 2009

How local are you?


4 Responses to “Take my quiz!”

  1. James Fortier said

    wheres the quiz?
    my bananas come from next door until I can grow my own and I’m buying 40 cows to make my own milk, that seems local even if there is no quiz!
    Are you Costa Rican? Its nice to read about local (and local) food stuff, I’ll keep on reading.

    • Aubergine said

      You sound like a localvore to me! I spent 4 months in Costa Rica with the Organization for Tropical Studies undergraduate abroad program. Its a great country and a wonderful program. I wish I could grow bananas here in Boston, but that doesn’t seem plausible. Thanks for reading.

      • James Fortier said

        I had a banana tree on my deck in Toronto, it was really heavy and difficult to bring in every winter where it sulked until the snow left.
        Organization for tropical studies,… does that mean you can help me with my tropical forages, the local knowledge, albeit proven, is somewhat regional and I suspect closeminded to new methods. Although I have met a few fellows who are into Mob (high density) grazing, I still feel its possible to have a perfect pasture of legumes and grasses. I guess I should find out what Tropical Studies means before I ask these questions.
        Cheers, James

      • Aubergine said

        I am far from an expert in this area. The program was an undergraduate semester where we learned some fundamentals of tropical and research biology as well as evironmental policy. However, the organization does have a mini agroecology course that could maybe help you out. http://www.ots.duke.edu/ I hear a lot about rotational grazing which works to not overstress the land and using clovers and other legumes to fix nitrogen in the soil. Thanks, sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Take a look at my Visit These page, there might be some more resources for you there (especially The Greenhorns, a network of new farmers)

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