Christmas Harvest

December 27, 2009

Dark chocolate spotted with dried apricots, cranberries and raisins, shortbread cookies with dried cranberries and orange, peppermint meringues, thumb press sugar cookies with rasberry jam and chocolate forest cookies filled with chunks of dark chocolate and dried cherries. These are the amazing creations of the tireless cook who shall go by Mama B. She knows how to make nearly everything, but it is the dishes that actually come out of the oven that are beyond words and far beyond my self control.

Spending Christmas with my boyfriend’s family is a feast of delicious and fresh foods. “You open presents and stuff, but to me this is what Christmas is all about,” Mama B. said as we all sat around the table after Christmas dinner, “eating together.” My favorite dish of the weekend was  beets, carrots, celery root and parsnips with a honey glaze roasted with thyme.

Under the tree that morning I found the gift that never stops giving: seeds. Fennel, beets, carrots and basil. What a glorious season to be with friends and family and celebrate the bounty of food.


3 Responses to “Christmas Harvest”

  1. Alex said

    totally awesome. I made some ginger snap cookies with fresh ginger, whole wheat pastry flour, molasses, and raw sugar. yummm.

  2. Jackie said

    I HAVE THAT FENNEL. Woot woot Johnny’s!

  3. Aubergine said

    Right on Jackie! Great to hear from you.

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