Little Homestead in the City

January 23, 2010

Homegrown showcases the lifestyle of an amazing family. You could say they decided to stuff their yard with veggies and buy a solar-powered oven because of the impending doom of climate change, but really it was about a life philosophy.  They care about simple living, self-sufficiency and working together as a family. They don’t think the earth should have to deal with the waste of our lives. This father, son and two daughters are dependent upon each other for their very food, there is something primal in that and it is beautiful.  It is how we used to live before this nonsense of limitless supply. Together, they harvest over 6,000 pounds of produce from less than a quarter an acre in the middle of Pasadena, CA.  Not to mention they make their own biodiesel fuel and maintain a website that gets over 4,000 hits a day. See this movie.


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