A dry heat method of cooking.

February 16, 2010

“Roasting vegetables brings out their hidden sweet, nutty flavors–making them extraordinarily appealing and wondrously versatile (Preface: The Roasted Vegetable).”

The Roasted Vegetable is the perfect idea for a cookbook. Not only is it filled with delicious recipes for every vegetable you can imagine, but it also teaches techniques to carry to any recipe or creation you make.

Roasting veggies is perfect for college students and busy people because it often takes less than 10 minutes prep. A light coat, an even spread, and a little while in a hot oven and you have Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges (my favorite so far), Maple Glazed Rutabagas or Crisp Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes. Quick, healthy and yummy.

I love this cookbook because it is all about the vegetables. Veggies are always delicious, but if you really know how to bring out and complement their flavor, they have the power to take the stage at a meal. Author Andrea Chesman couldn’t believe her kids would get so into green beans they would eat a half a pound a piece.

I never shy from buying a vegetable I haven’t heard of because I know The Roasted Vegetable will tell me at what temperature and for how long I should roast it. My own recipes have improved dramatically since using the cook book simply because the vegetables are cooked properly. The “Roasting Chart” at the front of the cook book offers a quick check of temp and time for all your classic veggies.

Find in The Roasted Vegetable delicious side dishes, snacks, soups, salads, sandwiches and main courses, all manageable, modest recipes that highlight their ingredients. Don’t miss the “Great Grains, Nuts, and Seeds” section in the back, which features such treats at Honey-Pecan and Apple Crisp granolas.

Lastly, it might seem silly, but before delving into the irresistable recipes, read “Roasting Basics: Techniques and Equipment.” I was lucky enough to be gifted a big ol’ roasting pan, but arm yourself, this will be a crazy, tasty trip.

Happy Roasting!

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One Response to “A dry heat method of cooking.”

  1. Judy Shawver said

    YUM sounds so good. Can’t wait to try it myself. Thanks for the link to Amazon

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