Learn, connect, eat.

August 16, 2010

Hear about workshops, potlucks, and other gatherings by joining The Urban Homesteaders’ League on Meetup. I love going to their stand at the Union Square farmers market for the short skillshares taught by knowledgeable community folks.  Last time I biked away with a SCOBY and have been home-brewing delicious kombucha since. Learn how at the instructor’s great blog “Kombucha Fuel“.  There’s a “swap table” at the stand for fellow U-H-ers to exchange creations and learn from each other. The market stand is even on Facebook–become a fan today and join the crew in Union Square next Saturday, 9am-1.

The Urban Homesteaders’ League is a community venture dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals and communities to shift from a lifestyle of passive consumption to one of active participation, creation, and connection.


One Response to “Learn, connect, eat.”

  1. Alex said

    really great to see you’ve hit 100 posts! Can’t wait for the next 100.
    plus the League seems really cool, would love to go sometime with you.


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