Live your Life Alive in Cambridge

November 2, 2010

Great news! The all-natural cafe Life Alive just opened a place in Cambridge’s Central Square.  The restaurant still has its original location in downtown Lowell, where devoted eaters have enjoyed the relaxing and artsy establishment for years.  Life Alive is an eatery with a mission

“We are here to renew your energy and connection to life by soulfully serving you the most fantastic, vibrant, organic, therapeutic, whole food you could ever imagine in an inspiring environment that honors local artisans, the community, and our global ecology.”

Life Alive’s food is refreshing, filling, and energizing. Leave the place with a heightened sense of health and a real appreciation for fine ingredients served with vision-driven care. Meals are artfully designed for a balanced and colorful diet. Their wheat grass shots and smoothies will improve your mood and spark conversation.

The new spot in Cambridge has an upstairs perfect for grabbing a quick, delicious, organic meal and a downstairs lounge for more leisurely affairs.

My favorite dish is The Explorer (pictured below, courtesy of the Life Alive website), but anything you order at Life Alive is perfectly seasoned, showcases the veggies you know and love and will feature a Life Alive specialty like the red lentil hummus scooped on top of this deliciously sweet and spicy salad.

For the menu: “Our scrumdelyishus homemade lowfat Red Lentil Hummus, paired with sesame crunches, sundried tomatoes, cucumber, corn, spring mix and a sprinkle of shredded carrots and beets all traveling together with our fantastic honey wasabi vinaigrette. A dreamy destination!”


2 Responses to “Live your Life Alive in Cambridge”

  1. Alex said

    yum, yum, yum.

    really cool they are in Cambridge now!

  2. dave said

    keep up the great healthy ways to share with the world. blessings dave

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