Listen up CSA-ers, there’s a year round share in town

December 9, 2010

Enterprise Farm in Whately, MA has an interesting approach to New England winter eating. While it is true that we can’t grow most things in the frosty cold, we have some reasonably close neighbors that maintain temps above 32. Food from Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas rarely counts as localvore fare, but desperate times call for a broadened notion, something Enterprise calls a regional foodshed. Supporting organic citrus growers in Florida is surely closer to home than the groves out in California, and winter produce has got to come from somewhere. The Enterprise winter CSA share still includes as much local produce as possible, including greens, potatoes, and winter squash, but the box is more robust with exciting items from further down the east coast. I was thrilled to rip into a tangelo this week,  a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo or grapefruit, after sticking to my strictly local menu all summer long.

Here’s what I got in the share this week:

Red cabbage  from Enterprise, tangelos from Eagle’s Nest in Florida, baby spinach from Equinox Farm in Sheffield, MA, Kale from Enterprise, butternut squash from Enterprise, summer squash and zucchini from Lady Moon in Florida, sweet potatoes from Cottle Farm in N. Carolina and grape tomatoes from East Carolina Organics in N. Carolina

To learn more about the farms in the share and some tasty looking recipes check out this week’s newsletter: December 6, 2010


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