Veggie Strata

February 15, 2011


chopped sweet potato (CSA)
large carrot, sliced and halved (CSA)
a little hot sauce (CSA, Real Pickles)
a little maple syrup (VT)
a touch apple cider vinegar (MA)

bunch chopped collard greens (CSA)
small onion, chopped (CSA)
couple teaspoons dried basil, crushed

grated turnip (CSA)
1/2 bunch chopped parsley (CSA)

4 tbsp bread crumbs (Iggy’s sourdough)
2 tbsp spicy honey mustard (Amish farm just across the river from my hometown, any mustard will do)
2 tbsp crumbled blue cheese (Farmers to You, Jasper Hill Farm)


Toast some bread to oblivion for bread crumbs. One piece or a couple small heel pieces will do. Give the crunchy bread a whirl in the blender until you can’t hear big chunks hitting the blade.

Preheat to 350. Steam sweet potato and carrot.

Meanwhile, saute onion in some oil with the basil and s&p until translucent. You can grate the turnip while you wait. Add the greens and cook until dark green. You can chop the parsley while you wait. Mix the parsley into the turnip.

Put the sweet potato and carrots in the bottom of a small baking dish and mash with hot sauce, maple syrup, vinegar and salt until sweet potatoes are smooth, but there are still chunks of carrot. On top of that make a layer of the collard greens and follow with the turnip.

Into the bread crumbs add the mustard and crumble the cheese. Mix with your hand and top the dish.

Bake until slightly browned and the cheese is aromatic.


2 Responses to “Veggie Strata”

  1. Sounds great. I had book-marked until I had all of the ingredients on hand. Looking forward to this one.

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