Moon Over Matter

October 1, 2012

Last night’s harvest moon peeked out from clouds only briefly.  Though its neon glow was mostly masked, its energy was thought-provoking.

Werewolves and other mythical creatures highlight the social significance of the full moon.  Scientists often use werewolves as a scapegoat, dismissing their importance as fiction.   Scientific American, Live Science, and I’m sure others, have debunked the connection between weird behavior and the full moon (Rebuttal). Even without the confidence of scientific studies, common sense says that the moon must play some role in our lives. The moon has profound affect on the Earth; it generates huge swells of water and light that influence plant growth and animal mating and migration around the globe.

The same forces that cause tides also affect the flow of water through soil and plants. Seeds germinate better during a full moon.  When the plant comes to maturity, water flows up high into the plant under a full moon and carries nutrients, making leaves the best to harvest when the moon is big and waxing. Biodynamic farming and Native American plant medicine will help me explore the connection of the moon to plant life in more depth.  My feeling though, is that the moon’s power is beyond our conception.  It affects us in ways that we cannot know. We can only revere its wonder and wisdom.

I’m working for more spirituality in farming and in life. I’m looking to the sky. Where do you find inspiration?


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