This is a blog about food. Find here vegetable enthusiasm, conversations about sustainable agriculture, praise for localism, food festival fun, book, movie, and restaurant reviews, current events, community initiatives, recipes, personal adventures, and resources.  We should all spend more time and more money focusing on our health and the health of our communities, the core of which is the food we eat and the relationships that can materialize around growing, preparing and eating food.  The Veg Table is a voice for the transformation of our food system. I hope The Veg Table will convince folks on the edge to dive into the food movement. For those of us already advocates, The Veg Table should be a fourm for sharing ideas, inspirations, and a common love for food.

My name is Signe, and I’m an aspiring vegetable farmer living in Massachusetts. Resume.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Cathy Neal said

    What a delightful site.
    Thank you for bringing together inspiration, information and people and places seeking a “down to earth” way to live and thrive.
    We are doing our part and welcome others to join us…

    Created in the spring of 2009, Bountiful Brookline promotes growing food and providing access to healthy fresh food throughout our community. We are working to create a sustainable local food system to benefit everyone in Brookline.

    We envision a Brookline where food is grown at our homes and schoolyards, on public and private land as well as the greenhouses, roofs, walls and fences throughout our community. We are working with youth, residents, institutions and agencies to grow and share Brookline’s homegrown bounty.

  2. Carolyn Pace said

    Hi Signe,
    I’m so glad the office of Sustainability included this into their newsletter. I’m really enjoying reading about your experience with the Boston food movement, not to mention stealing a few vegetables. The striking part for me is I’m doing extremely similar stuff out in Boise, with a food movement of about the same maturity as Boston’s. I don’t know why none of us (you, Erin, Miki, me) didn’t manage to get together last year, but our missions are really close. This whole thing is about community, you’re right! Let’s make that happen and start a little, inclusive culture at Tufts. I’d love to bounce ideas off you and compare gardens. Have lots of fun this summer, and I can’t wait to read more about it!


    • Aubergine said

      Thanks Carolyn,
      Community is a big part of it, you’re right. But I am also starting to see it more as a lifestyle change: truly giving thanks to the land and the farmers that brought you your food. I think the closer we get to connecting the health of our bodies with the health of our soil, the happier we will be and the closer we get to an alternative, sustainable future. There is no doubt that this brings people together to start living more meaningful lives. Let’s organize an event in the fall…maybe we can build rain barrels together, something like that. Also, consider taking the ExCollege course Emerging Alternatives in Modern Agriculture, offered Wed. 6-8:30 next semester. Great to hear from you!

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